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06/12/2019 [Turkey] A druggable small molecule manufacturer looking for technology cooperation to develop meis protein detection kits Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Italy] SME leader in the x-ray and ultrasounds technology sector is looking for partners with know-how in the field of artificial intelligence Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [United Kingdom] Seeking partners with expertise in high-tech textiles and novel polymers to develop ecological garments Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Sweden] Searching for manufacturer of straightened Platinum/Iridium micro-wires for medical device Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Ukraine] Developers of new methods of processing ceramic composite surfaces in aviation are looking for a technologist to build a grinding machine Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Italy] A company producing printed matter seeks partners under joint venture agreement or subcontracting Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Romania] An event planning company seeks suppliers for event accessories Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Poland] A distributor seeks new suppliers of rattan and willow furniture and seagrass decorations Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Italy] A business school promoting global education is looking for partners abroad in the framework of a joint venture agreement Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [France] An insulation company is looking for glass and rock wool producers to work Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 Germany] A manufacturer of ice cream is looking for software developer for an online shop Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Poland] A company seeks producers of semi-automatic big bag dischargers Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Russia] A company seeks for fabric supplier Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Greece] An electrical equipment trading company is looking for suppliers of round cable clips Ingrid BERGER
06/12/2019 [Slovenia] NGO seeks distributors of innovative textiles suitable for patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) Ingrid BERGER
04/12/2019 doc mentions sur facture Denis Campos
29/11/2019 [Germany] Technical solutions for petroleum resins downstream production of hexane C5 and nonane C9 Ingrid BERGER
29/11/2019 [Germany] Technical solutions for carbon capture and utilization Ingrid BERGER
29/11/2019 [Ukraine] A company is seeking European partners to work together for improvement method of molds for composite materials Ingrid BERGER
29/11/2019 [South Korea] A company specialized in electronic control part of semiconductor/LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) equipment is looking for technology and manufacturing cooperation in producing pressure gauge and flowmeter Ingrid BERGER