Thermo-Reversible Hydrogel

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A Dutch SME developed a new thermo responsive hydrogel technology with a programmable gel temperature. At the higher critical temperature the material forms a nanoporous gel while at lower temperatures the structure disassembles to form a water like solution. The first applications are in late proof of principle stages. The company is seeking industrial partners who would like to co-develop new technologies or incorporate the gel material into existing devices to enhance their product portfolio.

Caractéristiques techniques ou commerciales attendues : 

The company’s technology platform consists of hydrogel based on a biocompatible micron length polymer co-developed with a university in the Netherlands. The polymer when in contact with water at a specific temperature will spontaneously form a nanoporous structure of interconnecting rods at concentrations as high as 99.95% water. The polymer has been demonstrated to be biocompatible and shows promise as a new 3D cell growth media. The material is optically transparent and the transition has been shown to be reversible over hundreds of phase cycles. The gel is unique in its field due to the ability to program the gel transition temperature from 5 to 50 degrees Celsius at concentrations previously inaccessible to competitor materials. Specific applications in the cosmetics industry include moisture delivery gels, entrapment and delivery of microsphere and collagen particles. In the petrochemicals industry the transition allows the material to reduce the application temperature of a range of heavy oils. The unique temperature triggered phase transition makes the device attractive to deliver a hydrophilic coating to a range of devices in a robust and repeatable manner.

Current and Potential Domain of Application:

The advanced proof of principle applications have shown this technology to be successful as a nanofiltration device and in the field of three dimensional cell growth media however the company is open to discuss applications and licensing agreements in a variety of domains.



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